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My Dreadball Team's History

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Brief History of VoliCorp 
Brief History of VoliCorp

VoliCorp was originally created to be a defence contractor on many worlds close to earth. Volicorp made a name for themselves quickly, and they developed a reputation of always achieving their goals and task set out for them. Their “price” is high but other Corporations will hire them for Protection, Military/Political deterrence and most importantly “Business interventions”.

Due to the rapid success of VoliCorp, they were able to buy and “acquire” smaller Subsidiary Defence Contractors, PMCs and Corporations. This helped VoliCorp swell its ranks and resources. It had become a Private Army in its own right.

The corporation utilized these resources in order to secure and protect its assets, as well as its high profile employees.

Over time, other Corporations started to question the aims of VoliCorp as they continued to “buy and absorb” other Corporations, they had become one of the biggest Corporations ever to have existed. The VoliCorp is governed by “The Faceless 8”, 8 mysterious men or women which have never been seen in public.

During the “UHSECT Incident”, VoliCorp was hired by an unknown “entity” to remove an “uprising” on a barren industrial world. Many reports, say that an elite VoliCorp unit was deployed with Prototype “energy weapons” which reduced the target to ash and dust.

Many reports indicate that there was no uprising at all and the VoliCorp Unit attacked innocent workers and residents of this world. Industrial Supply was cut off from this world and many questions were asked. However, none of this was proven to be true.

The UHSECT Corporation, carried out its own investigation into this as its’ main supply came from this Planet. The final report came to the conclusion that VoliCorp had committed a war crime here and threaten High Legal Military Action against VoliCorp. Suddenly, the charges were dropped and UHSECT Corporation was “disbanded” and its assets were dissolved and sold to VoliCorp for a discounted price.
Many people accused VoliCorp had “violently and secretly” taken over UHSECT, although VoliCorp was able to produce a “paper trail” of transactions and denied these allegations.

During its rise to success VoliCorp had “acquired” a company called “DAETECH.” DAETECH was a genetic engineering company which developed cures, biotechnology, and medicine. There are many who believe that DAETECH was a front for secret operations utilizing genetic engineering and biological weaponry.

Research indicates that DAETECH was working on a serum which was called Varifine, which allowed Humans to become “stronger and faster” and they had an aim to create a “better soldier”

Private research shows that Varifine, does not work as intended, it leads to the person becoming violent and Volatile.

It seems that VoliCorp has many conflicting interests currently from Military Campaigns, Defence Contacts, Biological weaponry, Genetic engineering, Politics, Starship building and more recently Dreadball.

It seems VoliCorp sees money and power to be made in Dreadball. They inducted many carefully chosen Soldiers to be in their Dreadball Team.

Due to their secret ways, Many people speculate that their players are using “performance enhancing drugs” because during their first exhibition match against a rival Corporation, VoliCorps Guards killed 5 players, ending the match early.

Also many speculate that the Dreadball team is taking Varifine, as they suddenly become violent during a game. Many also speculate this to be true as their name is “Volatile Chargers” which represent they sudden playstyle.

We will keep an eye on the Volatile Chargers, chances are they are out to make a name for themselves as they are proven to be employees of VoliCorps.

Dreadball Pics;
The Volatile Chargers, try to use their speed against the slower Forgefathers.

                               The Volatile Chargers' guards buttheads against the Orx guards!

                                 The Volatile Chargers, try to keep the sneaky Veermin in order

                                            Facing of against another Human team!

Brief Introduction

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